Allah Knows Album by Zain Bhikha

Allah Knows by Zain Bhikha Video Clip

Zain Bhikha

Featuring Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Abdul-Malik Ahmad
Rashid Bhikha & Naadira Alli

A CD for the young (and the young at heart). 'Allah Knows' features the musical talents of Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Abdul-Malik Ahmad and Rashid Bhikha, in addition to introducing Naadira Alli and the young Muhammad Bhikha who makes his first recording debut on this album.

The album, is a collection of 10 songs to help kids through the early mysteries of life and the social challenges that present themselves to much of them, it is a ground breaking approach to tackling the questions of a youthful mind and the innocent hearts of our children.
The CD version includes 19 tracks with all tracks which contain drums as voice only versions as well.

Number of Discs: 1
Running Time (aprox.): 74 mins on CD (aprox 37min on Cassette)
Languages: English

Track Listing:

1- Allah Knows
2- Flowers are Red*
3- My Mum is Amazing*
4- Pizza in his pocket*
5- Lay down your head*
6- Can' t U See*
7- Slowly Slow*
8- Can' t take i t wi th you*
9- Deen-il-Islam*
10- A Child's Prayer*

*Voice only version & Drum version on CD

More info: Allah Knows album

I'm so tired now.. so there are no download link to put on this post, sorry ;) If you like to enjoy Zain's wonderful voice, please play the imeem playlist at my blog..


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